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Goods storage in Port of Riga

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The main objective of JP Terminals is to set up a grain and bioethanol production plant, including feed protein production facility in the Freeport of Riga on a total area of ​​more than 50 hectares.

ship riga fields

A unique production technology was created and patented in Latvia and has already been successfully applied to the JP Plus bioethanol production plant in Iecava, Latvia. The overall project involves connection to the newly built railway station Bolderaya-2, with a cargo handling capacity of 20 million tons per year and the construction of several deep-water berths for handling various cargoes, with a total length of 800 meters and a depth of 15 meters.

The construction of a plant with a bioethanol production capacity of 108 million liters per year and feed protein of 45 thousand tons per year also envisages the development of an adjacent infrastructure of transshipment terminals for various cargoes, ranging from general and bulk, to specialized and liquid ones.

The final goal of the project is the production of various grades of gasoline from E5 to E85, in accordance with current EU regulations.